4 Reasons to have a Business Plan: Plus FREE Template Download

Accomplishment will prove to be a journey, not a destination.

-Dwight D. Eisenhower

With a Credit Repair Business or any business, for that matter, it’s imperative to have a concise, specific business plan written just for you. Your business is your life’s work. It’s a representation of your dreams, goals, hopes, and future. Some business owners invest their life savings and entire selves into their business. Without a business plan, where is all of that work, money, and time actually going?

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We can list hundreds of reasons why it’s vital to have a Business Plan, but in lieu of your precious time, we’ve kept it simple and are sharing with you these top four:

Reach your Destination

Think of your business goals as a destination, and the business plan as your journey’s road map. You may know what you want, but how will you get there? How much funding will you need? Who are you selling to? How will you sell to them? What are your strengths and weaknesses? Who are your competitors?  The questions are endless!

Creating a Business Plan forces you to look at all of those questions, and tie solutions to those next steps. When you’re using a map to plan a trip, you may have an idea of how to get to your destination, but realize when plotting your course that things have changed. The Business Plan will do the same thing. You may have the perfect business plan in mind, but when it’s on paper, things your “route” needs to be adjusted.

Can you Afford the Trip?

If we continue to think about your business goals as a destination, how are you going to pay for your journey? Better yet, the question may be “Who is going to fund your journey?” Creating a business plan not only provides you the opportunity to look at your funding sources but also communicate and share your ideas with prospective funders. Funders will have many questions they want answered about your business; you should want to know those answers too! Furthermore, they will want to see a copy of your Business Plan. It’s a standard of all industries, so don’t fall short.

Keep your Business Vehicle in Good Working Order

Your business is your vehicle to your dreams. Will it work? Will it keep running as long as you need it to? Would you drive cross country in a rusty hatchback with two spare tires, no oil, and a coolant leak? Of course not! Starting your business without knowing whether or not your business will actually work is no different at all. You’ll have many processes to managing and maintaining your business. These maintenance-type functions are specifically written out in your plan. You can always go back and make changes if something isn’t working for you, but you can at least be sure you checked before leaving the dream driveway.

What Makes your Trip Worthwhile?

Once your Credit Repair Business starts to grow, what will you do? Do you have plans to keep growing, or do you want to stay the same size forever? Do you want to branch out into other areas similar to yours; do you want to eventually partner with another company? Do you want to become nationwide?  What will you do when your business starts making money? How will you handle your cash flow?  Again, it may seem like an endless stream of questions, but they all must be answered. The idea is for your business to make money, but if you aren’t prepared to handle the cash flow, then why even be in business?

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