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Want to stay in compliance?

The FTC has strict enforcement rules as governed under the Credit Repair Organizations Act (Hyperlink to FTC CROA). In order to be compliant you must have a contract in place that has all elements as described in the CROA as well as the required attachments and rescission notices. The contract bundle that we have created contains a compliant contract as well as several items to assist in adding value to your initial setup/enrollment/analysis fee.


These items include:
A. E-book that you can brand with your company name and logo
B. Budget Planning Tools to be branded with your company logo and contact info including:

  1. Budget workbook
  2. Family finance planner
  3. Budget tools
  4. Budget calculators
  5. Loan repayment calculators
  6. Compounding savings calculators

C. This contract contains 17 detailed inclusions to justify and detail any setup fee
D. This contract contains 14 detailed inclusions to justify and detail ongoing monthly fees

This contract contained in this package is 12+ pages, including initial checklist, rescission notices and payment forms. This contract has been reviewed and approved by an attorney and comes with an opinion letter from an attorney formally approving the contents of the contract as it is. Additionally, you will receive a bonus 45 minutes compliance interview webinar, and all future updates to this contract and/or bundle will be sent to you at no cost! Additionally you can credit 100% of your purchase price to the purchase of the “Biz-Box” if you decide to purchase the “Biz-Box” at any time in the future.

Buy now only $499

Any attorney would charge far more than this to create this contract, and it wouldn’t have all of the extra’s