What Credit Monitoring Can (and Cannot) Do for Your Customers

What’s the benefit of credit monitoring? What’s the best way to address this process with customers? Credit repair consumers should understand the advantages and shortcomings of credit monitoring. Many companies offer this service, but not all have the consumer’s best interests in mind. In order to effectively help people achieve financial stability, credit repair companies need to educate their clients in the most viable credit monitoring practices.

As a credit repair business owner, encouraging your customers to have and maintain credit monitoring, allows you a first-hand look at their credit situation and any changes that have come from your hard work. You’ll avoid the hassle of waiting on customers to return documents related to the dispute process and provide a much smoother transition from month to month – or item to item. It will allow both you and your customer the luxury of sitting back and relaxing while the monitoring provider offers the updates to you both. Let’s remember – Work Smarter, Not Harder!

It’s pretty straightforward, and the benefits outweigh any disadvantage. The best way to sell this product is to address the truthful and fundamental basis of its functionality. In general, credit monitoring products offer the following:

1) They alert people to changes or alterations in their credit reports and credit scores.

This is especially helpful for people who are new to credit repair, and have a basic understanding of how to read a credit report. They should be schooled in changes to their report, and they should be made aware of increases or decreases in their credit score.

2) They inform people of potential cases of fraud.

A great benefit of credit monitoring is the first response to instances of fraud or theft. Many people are unaware of identity theft or other fraudulent actions simply because it’s hard to detect. Credit monitoring provides an alert system to consumers, and allows them to take action immediately.

3) They help people track and organize their finances and credit.

Credit repair success depends on educating and informing the credit repair consumer. Credit monitoring encourages people to track and stay on top of their finances. By providing a product that trains people in smart financial habits, credit repair professionals can increase their success rates, and expand the marketability of their services. It’s a win for the customer and the provider.

Overall, this is a beneficial service to offer, but there are things that credit monitoring CANNOT prevent against. This service functions like a shield, but it does not prevent attackers from targeting susceptible individuals. Identity thieves have different motives and different methods of obtaining sensitive information. Credit monitoring offers the tools to prevent fraud, but it cannot force people to take the important steps to protect themselves. It is an educational and observational service, but consumers must be informed and take action to protect themselves from the scams and scheme of identity thieves.

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