How to Convert Your Website Into Profit

Anyone can create a website. In order to launch and maintain a successful website for your credit repair business, there are steps that need to be followed. As a business owner, you should be aware of certain aspects of good, profitable websites that all businesses should utilize. Not understanding and utilizing these aspects is a common mistake you don’t have to make.

Web Credibility does not automatically follow web creation. You must establish web credibility before you can market your company as a legitimate and viable online business.

We’ve broken down the most important items of an efficient website:

What Are the Goals of a Homepage?

  1. Value – How valuable is it? Is it useful to your visitors?
  2. Usability – How easy is it to use? Is it complex or simple? Is it intuitive?
  3. Adoptability – How easy is it to use for the first time? Does it integrate into day-to-day life? Is it habit-forming?
  4. Desirability – Is it fun? Is it engaging? Do visitors want it or need it?

What Are the Pillars of a Great Homepage?

  1. Clear Value Proposition

A Clear Value Proposition is a concise message that appears as a headline, sub-headline, or any type of text that summarizes the scope of your company and your purpose. It should address these questions:

  • What is this site about?
  • What can I do here?
  • How is it useful to me?
  • Why should I buy from you instead of the competition?”

   A Clear Value Proposition is effective if it is…

  • Desirable
  • Unique
  • Specific
  • Succinct
  • Memorable

2. A Strong Navigation System

In order to have a strong navigation system, the navigating properties must be efficient and simple for the user. You want the user to be able to navigate and search the website without confusion or stress. Users should not rely on the “back button” to explore your website. The key is to never leave the “experience” of the website firsthand.

Things to think about when evaluating a navigation system:

  • They must be discoverable. How easy is it to find the navigation? How easy it to find what you’re looking for using the navigation?
  • They must be accessible. How easy is it to use the use navigation? Is it intuitive? Is it prototypical?

3. Useful & Interesting Content

You should be aware of your audience’s motivations and needs, and create content that matches the user’s concerns. Your content should be varied: images, text, video, etc. Additionally, you should create content that works for you. Many operating systems, like DisputeSuite, allow you to create webforms and then transfer new leads directly into your system.

Overall, the content should meet the following criteria:

  • It should be as long as you and your visitors need. Are all of their questions about the value proposition answered? Have they been given enough opportunities to leave the page?
  • Your visitors will read whatever they find genuinely useful and interesting. If you have a ton of fluff content, you will lose users. People will read whatever they find interesting and scan the rest for more potentially interesting content.

4. A Desirable Call to Action

When choosing the call to action for your homepage, think back to your two overall goals and ask yourself these questions…

  • What do I want the visitor to do next?
  • What does the visitor want to do next?
  • How informed is the visitor at this point?
  • How motivated is the visitor at this point?
  • Does the visitor have enough information to make a decision and leave the page?

Considering the aforementioned needs – is your website up to scratch?

Before you make sales and before you can significantly expand your profit margins, you need to establish broad user engagement and web credibility. For a small fee, DisputeSuite offers a templated website with every software subscription. Additionally, DisputeSuite can create custom website needs for your company’s vision and business model.

Ready to make your website work for you?  Contact DisputeSuite today and speak with software experts: Call 727-877-6812 or visit www.DisputeSuite.com.

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