Why are loan originators the best course of referrals?

Why are loan originators the best course of referrals?

It’s because they are able to increase their loans and convert their turn downs by sending them to you to handle their credit repair.

It is their responsibility to make sure they are sending their clients to a trusted source, and from a business point of view, depending on the size of the loan; they have a lot to gain financially when their client closes on their proposed loan.

When they call during normal business hours they are speaking to a live person who can field their requests and/ or concerns and complete the call so there is ZERO CONFUSION.

Now that we know who … the questions that remains is … How?

While there are many ways to advertise directly to loan originators we’ve found the most effective way to attain referral partners is through email blasts.  I know National Mortgage Professional offers an email blast, one of our vendors.

These email blasts should promote your company, results, system in an advertorial style.  Why is your company good for them to send their clients to?  Highlight your companies’ features.

There is also online marketing, using banners on websites that loan originators attend.  LinkedIn and ActiveRain have programs such as these.  Active Rain is a bit more affordable, but LinkedIn has the most professional level of credibility.

Speaking of LinkedIn and Active Rain, these are networking forums, with Active Rain being specific to the real estate industry.  Join them; build your profile touting your company, system and results, and start groups that pertain to your referral program.


With credit repair being a nationwide service, the fact remains that meeting face to face with every single client, will be pretty difficult.

Facebook and Twitter are also great marketing platforms to attract customers and referral partner. These sites are fun, entertaining, and at times they are even useful.

There’s nothing wrong with giving your company that extra online presence and networking with like-minded professionals … but remember TIME IS MONEY.

Make sure you are careful and not overindulging with these sites, and make sure you know your goals, and be sure all your endeavors are time well spent.

Another route to go are state and national Conventions. Get a booth and promote your referral program to Realtors and all the others who may attend.  There are state and national convention for NAMP and NADA, so you do the same for mortgage professional and car dealership.

You can also join networking groups, the most common being BNI.

Lastly, but not least, are posting ads in periodicals… Like NMP, or Fortune, Money, Scotsman Guide to attract great referral partners.

Remember – You are a nationwide service, not a local company, present yourself as such.

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