Who is the #1 source of referrals for credit repair companies?

The number one source for referral partners are Loan Originators.

Loan Originators are professionals that have clients that needs to meet a certain credit criteria, so they can sell their product or provide their service.

Mortgage brokers, loan officers, realtors, car dealerships … anywhere a consumer goes and applies for credit and has the ability to be turned down, is an excellent source of referrals.

The loan originators have already spoken and met with the lead, and the lead has trusted and provided them with their personal credit information. They have been told by this referral partner … you can’t have this home, car, line of credit, etc…

The lead is coming to you already knowing they can’t have what they want, and require credit repair to enhance their chances of obtaining their home, car, line of credit, prime financing, etc.

This is why in your initial pitch you should mention the referral partner, their company, and the fact they referred the client to you to help them with their credit picture.  This will begin the relationship with the prospect in a positive light, and the client will be more open to discuss their credit situation with you.

Any businesses that have “in house” financing similar to “buy here, pay here” or have the verbiage “bad credit OK” in their advertising, are great referrals because they are already steering their marketing efforts toward the attention of those who have poor credit pictures.

Some “buy here, pay here” lots make it a requirement for prospects to go through the credit repair process, so they can eventually sell the loan to a “true” lender and instantly pull a profit off their liability.

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