Sometimes Reports Don’t Come Back

Sometimes your clients will not receive back their results or updated reports from the credit bureaus, even when dispute letters request these results be sent back.

This is why it’s important you also have your clients enroll in credit monitoring. so you can pull updated reports to track changes, as well as, review the results your clients do receive and send back to you.

Let clients know to look for their results in the mail about 30 days or less from when disputes are sent out. They usually will arrive in envelopes, a little larger than a regular envelope, with only a P.O. Box in the return address section.

Also let clients know to not panic if they don’t get their results back.  Remind them that you can use their credit monitoring to process their next dispute rounds, as long as their monitoring login is active and working.

But also remind your clients that it’s important to send you the results they do receive.  The more information you have on your prior dispute rounds, the better future disputes you can prepare.

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