Some Dispute Letter Language

The possibilities for dispute letters are endless.  But here are a few specific examples of language you can use on dispute letters that will illustrate how to perform ethical credit repair:

“Please provide me with proof that this account was opened on xxxx, this is being reported on my credit report. This information is not consistent, please provide proof or delete the account”

“The High Credit limit that is reporting on this account is a mystery to me. Please provide proof that this is accurate information reporting on my account or delete the account immediately.

“The High Credit that is reporting on my credit report is inconsistent with my records. Please provide proof that the high credit that is reporting is reporting correctly. Please also provide documentation to confirm all of the charges and credits to this alleged account that led to this high credit figure. My request to provide this documentation is a formal information request as per my civil rights granted through the fair credit billing act. If you cannot provide this information per my civil rights request, please immediately delete this erroneous entry.”

“The Monthly Payment that is reporting on my credit report for this account is inaccurate and misleading, please provide proof that the monthly payment reported is true, factual and within the legal guideline for reporting the way it is reported on my credit report. If you cannot provide the legal precedent for reporting it the way you have, please delete this account immediately to avoid further legal actions.”

“The Account Number that is reported on a credit report is an important point of reference. The misreporting of an account number could easily prove the continued flagrant misrepresentation and misreporting of accounts to individuals incorrectly along with your willful non-compliance to protect consumer’s information. Please prove this account number is in fact validly reporting per legal statutory requirements or delete the account immediately”

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