Retirement Plan Financing

You and your partners can borrower against your 401ks to obtain funds for your business.

To start a setting up 401k financing you will first have your company adopt a retirement plan.  Specifically, the retirement plan should be a profit-sharing plan that allows 100 percent of the plan assets attributable to rollovers to be invested in employer stock.

A 401(k) works perfect for Retirement plan financing. You can quickly and easily rollover your retirement funds from your previous employer or IRA into the new 401(k) plan.

The funds can come from multiple different sources and multiple people, including your spouse or an employee who is looking for an investment opportunity.

And, thanks to provisions in the tax code, you can do this without penalty.

Your business funding suite and credit coaches can even help you to handle the formation of the corporation and the new retirement plan.

By rolling your funds into retirement financing you can buy a small business or use funds for your existing business, and use these funds as an investment inside your retirement plan, without distribution penalties!

A few of the many benefits of Retirement Financing include:

  • Utilize funds from retirement accounts like IRAs, 401(k)s, 403(b)s, Keoghs, SEPs, etc., without incurring early distribution taxes or penalties
  • Start your small business with minimal to no debt while securing significant tax benefits
  • Use up to 100% of your retirement funds, or use a portion as a down payment on an SBA or unsecured loan
  • Combine your retirement funds with the retirement funds of a business partner or spouse
  • Save thousands in interest fees and protect your personal credit
  • Lower business overhead while aggressively growing your retirement account

Retirement plan financing is a great funding option for you and your business.

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