Never Really Verified

Did you know that public records are actually never verified through credit disputes?  When an item is disputed with the credit bureaus they send the dispute to the creditor. The creditor then deletes the item when it is not verifiable, they verify the item if it is verifiable, or they update the account with the correct information.

When a public record is disputed, such as a bankruptcy or judgment, there is no dispute sent to the creditor or court.  Instead the credit bureaus use a third party service to verify the information is accurate.  This third party searches public records to verify the information.

This is why these accounts are listed as public records on the credit report, because the information comes from public records, not the original creditor.  If a dispute is done and the account is “verified”, this only means the bureaus third party service reviewed public records and verified that the reported information was inaccurate.In the end this really means the bureaus are verifying the information themselves, the creditor and court are not verifying the accuracy.  This is just some good information that might help you in disputing these types of accounts.

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