Introducing the Exclusive Boot Camp Video Archives

The Credit Boot Camp is the biggest live credit event in the world.  During the boot camp attendees enjoy 4 days of powerful information on consumer credit repair and business credit building.  Attendees also learn about the most advanced marketing techniques and tactics, all presented by world class speakers.

At the boot camp attendees learn about the most advanced, legal, ethical methods to improve consumer credit. Attendees learn about the most advanced dispute tactics available to quickly improve consumer credit.  And they learn from the most well-known authorities in the consumer credit industry including experts like John Ulzheimer and Mike Citron.

The Credit Boot Camp is a must.  But unfortunately due to lack-of-time among other reasons, you might not be able to make it to the actual event. Maybe you are able to make it, and would like a recording of the boot camp you attended or other boot camps you didn’t attend.

Regardless of why you may want to see prior boot camps, there is GREAT news… I can help you gain access to some or all of the past credit boot camps.  We have done 1-2 boot camps each year since 2009.  And now YOU can access some or all of these powerful events.

Never will you find this much powerful information regarding credit disputing, marketing, and compliance.  You will become a master of business credit and financing.  You will discover insider secrets of business credit building and funding. You will learn the exact steps to build business credit quickly, and discover how you can earn huge revenues offering business credit for customers.

You will hear from some of the most brilliant minds in on and offline marketing.  Learn from those who have conquered selling, closing, and have earned millions with their ground breaking marketing tactics.

Past marketing speakers you can access through these boot camp videos include Kevin Harrington from the Shark Tank, Jordan Belfort the “Wolf of Wall Street” himself, Jay Conrad Levinson founder of “Guerilla Marketing”, Dave Frees the man Steve Forbes calls the “Grand Master of communication”, business and personal brand builder Joel Bauer, and many more.

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