Interesting Facts about TransUnion

Trans Union got its start back in 1968 as a holding company created by Union Tank Car Company.  The following year, in 1969, Trans Union purchased Credit Bureau of Cook County (CBCC), entering into the credit business.

In subsequent years, TU continued to purchase major cities’ credit bureaus and exclusive rights with many of their creditors.  Their vision was to create a national credit database from what then was not more than simple file cards.   TU obtained over 3.5 million of those file cards with their purchase of CBCC alone and continued to combine millions more to create the database they have today.

Trans Union continued to grow and expand their business, most recently purchasing True Credit in 2002.  This was their first attempt to sell to consumers directly and has been an ever increasing aspect of their business ever since.

Today Trans Union is based out of Chicago, Illinois, and operates over249 offices nationwide and offices in 25 countries on 5 continents.

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