Information Dispute Requests

Information requests is a credit repair tactic where you ask the credit bureaus or the creditor for broad amounts of information. Rather than mess around with locating all the information, the bureaus or the creditor may just remove the item, because they do not want to take the time to provide the requested documentation.

When you say “In accordance to my federal rights, please provide me documentation that you have complied with FCRA, otherwise remove the account #1232234,” you will place the burden of proof on the credit bureau or creditor. On a side note, the wording “please provide document” would get old fast, so come up with some of your own variations.

The approach of requesting information is one that lawyers commonly use and is called “discovery”. Lawyers like discovery simply because of the irritation factor. The same principle works for dispute letters written on behalf of your clients. Lawyers don’t say to their opponent during discovery anything like “tell me how much money you stole.” Instead they’ll say “give me a detailed account of your events leading up to Thursday.” And then they look for discrepancies.Essentially it’s about demanding information to ensure they are compliant with the law. As we have already established, the amount of data that is updated on a daily basis is enormous, so it would be irrational for a creditor or credit reporting agency to believe that they were immune to errors. When they are approached with demands that are difficult to fulfill, they will often revert to the easy way out- “Deletion”.

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