Improvement Based on Deletions

When you help consumers repair their credit you will usually measure success based on how many inaccurate or unverifiable accounts you help them delete from their credit report.

Even though you might measure success based on deletions, most consumers will look strictly at their credit scores to determine your success.  This means if they don’t see their credit scores going up, they might feel you aren’t being successful even if you are deleting a lot of inaccurate derogatory accounts.

To insure you and your clients are measuring success the same way, be sure you give them constant access to their disputes results including the number and percentage of negative items deleted.

Using the DisputeSuite Software Customer Portal for your clients, will provide access to all these important details. Even if you don’t have the portal, insure you are keeping clients up-to-date.

Also, tell your clients that throughout the dispute process their scores might fluctuate. They might even see a lot of deletions and not a big credit score increase.  Let clients know that if they are seeing deletions, but are not seeing their score increase, the reason is probably due to a lack of positive credit.

Good recent credit must be on the report to have good scores. You will even want to help your clients gain access to new positive credit sources, especially good revolving credit sources.

When consumers add positive credit, and more available credit, to their report their scores will increase. Insure your clients know this, and make sure you strongly suggest that they are adding this new credit along with your disputing to maximize their results.

You can even join affiliate programs, like Commission Junction, and get paid when customers get new credit cards.  That extra money is really nice, but even better is the outstanding result that disputing, along with adding positive credit with good limits, will do for your client’s overall credit report and score.

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