How To Gain & Retain Clients During Slow Month

Customer Motivation: They have a problem―they want to buy a house, they want to finance a car, they want to retire early and build, and they want to spend more time with their family, go on vacations and have more freedom. It feels so close, but the banks and the credit bureaus seem to always want to hold them back, making them feel bad about themselves.

But there’s a solution―it’s not just me, it’s you. The solution is inside your head. The number one trick that I have is the holidays. That’s how I gain and retain clients. The holidays, in my opinion, are not about shopping. The holidays are actually the best possible time for people to start working on their credit. It’s the best gift you can give them and here’s why. Look at the calendar for November and December. 

HOT Ways To Gain and Retain Clients During Slow Months

As you know, when you dispute an item with the credit bureaus they have to respond within 30 days, but they’re severely understaffed at the credit bureaus and at the creditors, so what I do is I flood them with disputes during the holidays, and I’ve noticed a significantly better deletion ratio for years now, so my goal is to have everyone on this call team up and bombard the credit bureaus and creditors with disputes. The company that you’re outsourcing your disputes through, yourself, no matter what you do, you need to get out as many disputes as possible during this time.

The more disputes that you send them the more deletions that everyone on this call will achieve, because we are making their workload a lot harder if we all team up and as you know, there is no real investigation at the credit bureau level. These companies have a legal responsibility to make sure that the information is accurate according to federal law. Then if you believe that there is a mistake you can demand an appeal and they have an obligation to do a reasonable investigation. They’re not doing a reasonable investigation―they’re not doing an investigation at all, so let’s all make this hard on them and deluge the bureaus and the creditors with disputes.

Gain & Retain Customers

  • It’s Veterans Day, so I would highly recommend that you post on Facebook and send out a blast to all your followers and run a Veterans Day special for people that have served this country. Give them a special price and get them on board. Tell them why now is the best time to get started, because they could potentially have results by 2016. Create a video campaign to explain to your clients why this is the best time and why they need to take action now and spend money on themselves instead of wrapping up a bunch of credit card debt to give presents, so create video campaigns. Those are the most powerful campaigns that I do.
  • Have a sales blitz. Have your sales team call people that you’ve talked to in the past, but they didn’t sign up. Have them go the extra mile during this season to get as many sign-ups as possible.
  • Run a special holiday price. Give a discount code or give a special incentive for clients to sign up right now. It’s going to be the best decision you ever made, because right now is the best time to dispute and we already talked about the sales blitz. I put it in here twice, because it is extremely important.
  • This is one tactic that I’m actually implementing in the next couple of days. You should offer a dispute template and a training session for your clients for a price of ninety-seven bucks. Maybe they can’t afford to get in your program right now, but they need to start repairing their credit. Give them a first round dispute template with video training on how to use it properly and charge $97 for it and it will help bombard the bureaus and creditors with disputes as well.
  • Reach out to your referral partners. These are your best friends, especially during the holidays. Loan officers and real estate agents are also having a slow time, so it’s a great time to start building a relationship with some new referral partners, or strengthening the relationships that you already have.
  • Nothing can be a personal phone call or a personal letter or a personal video. Call your clients and explain why right now is the time that they want to get started. They don’t want to start achieving their credit goals on January first; they want to start now so they can have a head start on everyone else coming into the new year column. Reach out―just wish them happy holidays; you don’t even have to sell anything. Maybe call me and say, ‘Hey, ask me your toughest credit question. I’m just calling to give you a free consultation.’ Handwritten letter or a card saying thank you for your business, or explaining how you would like to do business with them.

Customer Retention Tips

A client that’s already signed up―he’s not expecting to get anything from you. Send him a card, a letter, a gift, or gift card, just to tell him how much you appreciate him. That’s going to help you get a ton of referrals and send personalized videos to tell them how much you appreciate their business. Say his name in the video and say thank you. All of the clients that I’ve sent customized videos to have absolutely loved them.

  • Create a special price to offer to the clients that try to cancel. I know that we have a lot of cancellations during this time. Maybe you’re on a monthly model, or maybe you’re on a paper lead. Give the person that’s trying to cancel a special incentive to stay in your program. Tell him that now is the best time to dispute and give him a discount if you have to retain him in your program. Don’t let him cancel right now, because he’s doing himself a disservice. Give value, whether it’s a training video, whether it’s a fact, whether it’s just a phone call―give him something of value that is gonna help retain him, and if you’re on a monthly and you keep him for a few extra months, that’s really gonna add to your bottom line. Free training, follow-up and showing appreciation for the clients that are already in your program can either make them be your biggest assets or your biggest liabilities, so give it your all and then ask for referrals. You’ve gotta ask. If we don’t ask the answer is automatically no and I believe this is the last one.
  • Go the extra mile. To some it’s extra disputes for some clients at no charge, or maybe upgrade some of your clients to the next level up in your service at no extra charge. I know that personally in the last three days, I have given away my program to three people who really cannot afford it and I’ve done a Google hangout very similar to what you’re on now. I recorded a client’s experience and he’s gonna end up being a case study for me. You can give back to some people who are never going to be able to afford your program. Some people are on a fixed income. Imagine that you have a case study with somebody that is really in need―a veteran or a senior on a fixed income and he can’t refinance his mortgage or he can’t get approved for a car. Whatever it is, give back. It’s the holidays, so give back. It really doesn’t cost you that much. The result is you show that video to prospective clients and they see that you gave your heart and your soul to someone in need and they’re instantly gonna want to invest in you. Oh, that’s the end of the presentation.”

About Jesse Rodriguez

Cobalt Credit & 2015 Boot Camp Speaker

“So for those of you who don’t know me, my name’s Jesse Rodriguez and thanks to all the tools that I have received through the credit boot camp and all the training over the years, I’ve been honored to be featured on some of the news networks as an expert credit advisor. I’ve also been a guest speaker at the credit boot camp numerous times and I think it’s a great place to find the information, so it’s an honor to be here.

I’m in the credit repair business, but to be honest, I am NOT a competitor with anyone on this call. There are so many people that need help it’s just not realistic, so I want to welcome you to “How to Gain and Retain Customers in the Slow Season,” with me, Jesse Rodriguez, and Rob Ellerman. It’s an honor to be here. I know some of you have seen this in the past, but I want to quickly give you a rundown of my story and why I got into this industry.

That’s me as a kid. I was raised by a single mother. The male influence that I had in my life was my uncle and he passed away when I was 11, so at that time I started to act up and since I was raised by my mom, she really didn’t know what to do, so she sent me to a boarding school that led to me eventually becoming homeless and having bad credit, so these are my credit scores before I started credit repair, and I literally tried everything. I was reading the blogs on the websites and I was frustrated that I wasn’t able to make much improvement on my credit. I felt like this guy I hired from credit repair companies and I felt ripped off that it wasn’t Intel. It wasn’t until I came to my first credit boot camp that I really started to learn and understand the way this industry works, and from there I decided to open Cobalt Credit Services as a way to give back to consumers and help people improve their credit. I’ve been doing this a long time―look at that baby face! As you can see, I hosted radio shows, appeared on television and helped thousands of people to improve their credit.”

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