Business Credit with No Personal Guarantee

Most business owners use their personal credit and a personal guarantee for most of their business debts.

This causes a big problem as the business owner then becomes liable for the business debts.  

And if the business has financial problems, the creditors then start pursuing the business owner’s personal assets like their bank accounts and home.

This can easily be prevented.  Business owners can build credit in their business name that requires no personal guarantee, and no personal liability.

This keeps business debts separate from the personal credit, and keeps the business owner safe as there is no personal liability.

Many hear that this is available and are very surprised, almost think it sounds too good to be true.

Business Credit is credit that is in the business name.  This credit uses the business credit profile and score to qualify, not the personal credit.

Most consumers are familiar with regular consumer credit. You can go into a store like Wal-Mart and apply for credit.  

When you apply they pull a personal credit profile, and then approve you based on the strength of that credit profile and score.

You can secure store credit at places like Chevron or Wal-Mart, or you can apply for Visa and MasterCard credit that you can use in almost any store.

Business credit works the EXACT same way.  You apply for credit at the same stores, and with Visa and MasterCard.

But with business credit the business credit profile and score are used for qualification, not the personal credit.

This means there is no personal guarantee required and no personal credit check.

The secret to success with business credit is you must first start building credit with vendors who report to the appropriate business credit reporting agencies.

Once this is done you then will have an excellent business score and profile that can be used to start obtaining credit in the business name.

All you need is a corporation to qualify.  And approval limits are much higher than normal consumer credit.

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