“The Webinars- Wow what a wealth of knowledge, and for free.”

I would like to comment on a couple of things here: 1. The Webinars- Wow what a wealth of knowledge, and for free, you will be hard pressed to find this kind of information for free. These webinars are pack with information I went through 3 pages of information I wrote down. I am a newbie but I have done a lot of research and it’s always humbling to get on these webinars and realize there is so much to learn. 2. The People- I have talked with a few different people at the Dispute Suite looking to take advantage of many of their different products, they have been patient, personable, and truly helpful.You can tell, in everything this team does that they are here to make an impact on the world. I don’t mean to be cheesy but its true and to a small business owner who doesn’t know everything and doesn’t have the capital to pay for everything you need this really makes an impact on me. Jody Johnson Fresh Credit Score LLC.

Jody Johnson
Fresh Credit Score, LLC, Richardson TX

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