Work ON Your Business, Not IN Your Business

The dispute process is one of the most difficult and time consuming aspects of running a credit business.

When you manage your own disputes you are constantly dealing with the ever changing tactics of the credit bureaus and data furnishers. Plus you are consumed with issues relating to staffing, supplies, ongoing training, compliance issues relating to disputes, and much more.

Due to the difficulties and expense of handling disputes internally, many of the most successful credit companies in the country choose to outsource the actual dispute letter processing so they can focus on growing their business.

In most cases this decision is a VERY profitable one, as the credit company dedicates their time and resources to growing their business, not on managing the day-to-day dispute process.

An extra bonus of outsourcing your dispute process, is that professional dispute processors typically deal with 100 times or more disputes than your team alone will handle. This gives them vastly more experience which is used to product better and faster results for you and your clients.

DisputeSuite created the first transparent outsourcing platform in 2009.

Today the DisputeSuite dispute processing team is the elite processing center nationwide for hundreds of credit improvement companies.

Being the leading software company in the credit industry, we have had the benefit of having credit companies tell us EXACTLY what they want and need from a premier dispute processing source. You asked, and we delivered.

We can handle all of your disputing for you so you don’t have to. This way you can dedicate your time and energy where it is needed most- growing your business. And all of the mind-numbing aspects of the dispute process itself, can be handled by the most knowledgeable and result driven processing team in the world.

All dispute work is done right here in our offices in Tampa Florida in the great United States. You have access to a fully transparent dispute process where you can see ALL dispute letters that are produced for your clients. And your customers’ dispute letters are handled by processors who were personally trained by the credit industry leading authorities, so you and your customers can get the best results.

Plus in your DisputeSuite software you can send a customer in for processing in just one-click. You then have access to your own dedicated account manager who is available to quickly respond to your needs. And if you want to handle some of your disputes and not have our team handle them all, you absolutely can do so.

Our simple and concise dispute processing pricing is easy to understand and you will know exactly what your upcoming costs will be. Plus with the DisputeSuite billing integration, you can easily bill your customers and collect payments on accounts whether you are billing monthly or through pay-per-deletion.

The DisputeSuite processing team can take care of all of your dispute processing needs easily and affordably. This can be crucial for you as it helps you build, grow, and scale a successful credit company.

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