Vantage Score

The VantageScore is calculated using the same methodology as the FICO score, but adds a few additional metrics in the mix. It assigns a letter grade to your score as well.

While FICO scores range from 300 to 850, VantageScores range from 510 to 990. For each 100-point spread on the VantageScore, a letter grade is assigned. For example, 900-990 scores an A.

The reporting metrics are similar, but when compared, the weighted items in the Vantage report will significantly change the consumer’s score, all things being equal.  Take a look at an actual comparison of the FICO versus VantageScore:   

FICO Score MetricsVantageScore Metrics
35%Payment history32%Payment history
30%Outstanding balances23%                Amount of credit you’re currently using
10%Types of credit you hold (loans, credit cards, etc.)15%Credit balances
15%Credit history length13%Length and depth of credit history (kinds of credit and age of accounts)
10%Recent history10%New credit accounts and inquiries
7%Total available credit

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