There are three standards that every item on a credit report must meet

Standard One:  Item must be reported within the allowable time periods.  It must be reporting timely information.

Standard Two:  Item must be one hundred percent accurately reporting all of the information on the account.  So all of the information on the account – name of the creditor, account number, status, date of last activity, date the account was opened, date of last delinquency, balance, payment amount, history.  All that information must be reported one hundred percent accurately.

Standard Three:  The item must be verifiable.  If you’re asking your clients, in the interview process, as we’re talking about:  “Is this item verifiable?”  Well, dispute can be simply that this item is not verifiable, because there was no contractual obligation, or there was no written agreement amongst any of the parties, therefore this item is completely one hundred percent unverifiable.  “If you can’t prove it, please remove it.”

These are the three thresholds that every item that they’re putting on a credit report must meet.  If it doesn’t meet it, they must delete it.

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