The Need for Credit Repair

In today’s economic climate, the ability to get credit, and get approved for various purchases that require underwriting of credit, has drastically changed over the last several years.  

Several years ago, it was easy to get a loan; for a home, a loan for a car; for just about anything that you wanted.  Many of the terms have changed drastically, because of the downturn in the economy, primarily based on the lax credit standards that we had several years ago.

So, unfortunately because it was too easy to get things years ago, we’re paying for it now with financial mess that we’re in today. People, today, that want and need to establish credit, maintain credit, to purchase something, are faced with some great challenges.

One of the biggest challenges that they face is the fact that credit reports contain errors.  Upwards of seventy-nine percent of credit reports contain errors, as indicated by a study by the CDIA, in 2004.  Out of these errors, some of them are serious enough to cause a denial of credit for no rightful means whatsoever.

Getting into and growing your Credit Repair business can be extremely lucrative, and it’s definitely needed by many Americans.

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