The Best Way for Customers and Affiliates to Monitor Improvement Results

Your clients and affiliates will truly enjoy the transparency of the dispute process when you are using the Dispute Suite Credit Portal. The Credit Portal gives clients and affiliates direct access to see the client’s repair progress LIVE as it occurs.

Clients and affiliates can see the percentage of negative items removed from disputing, they can see graphs and grids breaking down the improvement process, they can use the notes section for immediate access to credit specialists, and much more.

The Credit Portal also saves you time because you won’t have as many affiliate or client phone calls coming in, since they can just login to their portal and check on their results themselves.

Plus you will find it much easier to bring in new affiliates and clients, when they know they can have live access to the dispute process to track their results at anytime.

The portal is a powerful tool that helps you obtain new affiliates and clients, as well as, help you better maintain your affiliates and clients.Use it to help grow your business and enhance your affiliate and client experience.

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