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Every credit report has a personal profile section.  This area covers the consumer’s current and past addresses and employers, their date of birth, and AKA information.  When clients are reviewing reports for errors they will first want to start by looking at the spelling of their name and their other aliases.  You can then help them dispute any aliases that shouldn’t be on their credit reports.

In many cases, these aliases are the result of people pulling their credit report and misspelling their name.  Your client might have applied for a car loan, and when they initially pulled their credit, they might have been a letter off when they entered their name.  The credit bureaus link the pull to your client, based on the social security number, and an AKA or alias possibly appears on their credit report.

Most consumers wouldn’t want that on their report for the rest of their life.  So they’ll probably have you dispute any of those aliases that shouldn’t be on their reports.

Your clients should also look at their address information.  If there are previous addresses that shouldn’t be on their report, addresses they are not familiar with, misspelled addresses, or even relative’s addresses, they will probably want to dispute those items to have them removed.

And insure your clients also follow this same verification process with their employment information.  Ensure clients also check that their name is spelled correctly, their date of birth is correct, and that their social security number is listed accurately.

Insure your clients take their time and really review this section of their report.  This will help reduce identity theft and ensure their credit doesn’t get mixed up with others, which commonly happens.

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