Many of your clients would prefer to pay you with credit or debit cards

Many of your clients would prefer to pay you with credit or debit cards.

Many credit company owners quickly discover that it is near impossible for them to find a merchant account provider who will approve them for a new account. The reason is that almost all merchant providers treat the credit industry as a “high-risk” industry.

As a result, we have found that some credit repair companies don’t accept or promote that they do accept credit cards, because they struggle to find a merchant account provider, or the provider charges too much in fees.

However, we have good news for you. We have formed an alliance with a top credit card merchant provider who DOES work with high risk industries, and who has proven time and time again that they can approve merchant accounts for credit improvement companies.  

Capital Merchant Solutions can help you secure the ability to process credit cards even if you have challenged personal credit or are in a high-risk industry.  And they also happen to provide some of the lowest merchant processing fees that you will find anywhere.

Capital Merchant Solutions has helped many of our clients secure merchant accounts, even when their bank and other merchant providers turned them down.

Even if you already have a merchant processor that are currently accept credit cards, chances are Capital Merchant Solutions can get you setup quickly for another account with better terms that will save you a TON of money.

To grow a successful business you really should have the ability to accept credit cards. And, it’s equally important that when you do process credit cards you do so at a very affordable rate.  Capital Merchant Solutions can help you accomplish both of these things.

And they can also help you accept ACH or electronic checks from your clients, insuring it’s even easier for you to get paid.

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