Length of Credit History Accounts for 15%

“Time in the bureau” accounts for 15% of the consumer credit score.  The older you are and the longer you have had credit accounts for, the higher the score.  This is why it is near impossible to get to an 800 score at a young age.  

As you have more accounts throughout your life, and your history grows over time, your scores will naturally increase.

Being added as an authorized user, to an account with a long pay history, is another way to increase your scores.  But keep in mind, the new scoring models won’t give you credit for most authorized user accounts, unless they are family members of yours.If your clients have a family member who have had positive open accounts for some time, have your client check to see if that person will add them as an authorized user on one of their accounts.  They have no risk, as your client won’t be able to use the account unless they physically get a card.  But your client will get credit on their reports, and this will increase their credit scores.

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