Kenneth Baker

I want to tell you a true story.  

The story is about a man named Kenneth Baker.  Ken, we’ll call him, wanted to change his family’s life.  Ken wanted to buy a home for his family.  Ken wanted to change the future for his children, and wanted to change the lifestyle for him and his spouse.

Ken decided to go to a mortgage lender to apply for a loan.  When Ken applied for a loan, Ken was immediately denied for credit that was reporting an innumerable amount of derogatory items.  The mortgage lender told him that he was denied.    

Now Ken is an honorable man.  Ken has always paid his bills on time.  Needless to say, Ken was extremely surprised by the denial and asked to see a copy of his report.  After reviewing a copy of the report, he realized that there were definitely errors on his report, and he figured it would be an easy road to get them to clear it up, so that he could take the next steps to buy a home for his family.

Ken attempted to contact the Credit Bureaus on his own, get everything fixed, but unfortunately, he ran into some road blocks.  He tried fixing it.  The next month, he went back to the loan officer to see if it worked, unfortunately it didn’t work.  He got denied again.  Ken hired attorneys.  Ken attempted month in and month out to apply for a loan, and got denied month in and got denied month out.

The problem then, unfortunately, is that it was starting to wear on Ken.  His children were asking, “Daddy, when are you buying us a house?”  His wife as asking, “Ken, when are you finally going to do something about this?  You’re supposed to be able to take care of this.”

As a man, as a leader of a family, he felt like he couldn’t do anything.  His mind was a mess.  He couldn’t function at work, he couldn’t function in his family life, he couldn’t function at all because he was consumed with trying to change his family’s life, and trying to live the American dream.

Well, he changed his family’s life, all right.  On March 24, 2006, Kenneth Baker committed suicide.  The reason I’m telling you this story now is because of a dark and remarkable detail: in the suicide note, he blamed the Credit Bureaus.  He blamed the back and forth mess that he had to go through, and the sheer weight of feeling so powerless, as what pushed him over the edge.

Now, I don’t want you to think that I don’t realize that Kenneth Baker probably had bigger problems than that.  I’m sure he had bigger mental issues than simple problems with Credit Bureaus.  But the bottom line is that this is what pushed him over the line, pushed him over the edge, and unfortunately, his family now suffers for the rest of their existence.

So what I want you to realize by telling you this story, is that when you get started with credit repair you’re not entering the credit repair business.  And if you’re in the business now, you’re not in the credit repair business!  You’re in the business of saving lives.  You’re in the business of changing lives.  You’re in the business of helping people achieve their dreams.  That’s what you’re in the business of.

And when you realize that, and realize this isn’t a piece of paper you’re shuffling, and this isn’t credit reports that you’re bouncing back and forth, that’s when you’ll really start to make a difference. That’s when you’ll start to make a difference for yourself.  That’s when you’ll start to make a difference for your family.  That’s when you’ll start to make a difference for all other families as well.  You can change lives.  And that’s what you should be concerned about if you get into this industry.

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