It takes time

When you first start disputing on behalf of your customers, many of them will be anxiously awaiting for the initial results to come in.  This is why you will always want to let your customers know exactly when you send out disputes, and remind them that the disputes do take time to process.

It’s a good idea to send an email to clients to let them know that their disputes are in the mail, but that results might take as long as 45 days. With the DisputeSuite Software, communication with your customers is fast and easy. You can setup an automatic email, voicemail and text message to be sent to your customers every time you print letters.

Remind clients that FACTA gives a creditor 30 days to respond to a dispute. With mail time it might take a week or so longer than 30 days, so if they expect 45 days for results, they will be pleasantly surprised if it comes back sooner.

Also remind your clients how important it is that they send in their dispute results to you, as soon as they are received. Let them know that those dispute results will dictate how you can help your clients get even better results with future disputing.

By telling your clients that disputes take time, you will greatly reduce the amount of calls and emails from clients asking when their first disputes will come in.  And you give clients some peace of mind as they await their dispute results, especially the first round of disputes where they are the most anxious. The DisputeSuite Software customer portal gives your clients immediate updated statuses on all their items in dispute, without communicating directly with you. This will greatly reduce the amount of calls and emails from clients asking for updates, since your clients can log into the customer portal 24/7 and view the results themselves.

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