How to Have the Credit Bureaus Pay You!

Many of the credit bureaus have affiliate programs where they will pay you a commission on your credit monitoring referrals.  Most are tiered-based which means the more clients you send them the more money you make.  

Equifax, TransUnion, and MyFico all offer affiliate programs. Visit their web site and locate the link (usually on the bottom) that says “Affiliates” to sign up. However, do not divulge you are a credit repair business, as CRAs don’t really like credit repair firms.

So how exactly do you make money by being an affiliate of the credit bureau?

By Email – Recommend your clients purchase their credit  reports from your affiliate link. Just send your client an email saying:

Dear Jane,

Welcome to my company, to get started with your credit repair we need to get a copy of your three credit reports. You can get these by visiting www.truecredit.com/ youraffiliateID. Then send me your login name and password, and I will login and download a copy.


Mr. Credit Repair

In the above example, you will replace youraffiliateID with the actual affiliate ID they give you. The ID is your tracking number so make sure you include it otherwise you won’t get paid.

When your client clicks the link, it will track your affiliate ID, and you will earn a commission on anything they purchase. For example, let’s say you are an affiliate of Equifax and you refer someone to Equifax’s website to purchase a credit report that costs $29.00. Equifax will give you 15% of that.

Banner Ads – The companies will provide you with various banner ads’ you can place on your website. This is simple as copying some code and pasting it where you want the banner positioned on your web site. Credit bureaus have all types of credit products you can resell that will enhance your credit repair business such as credit monitoring. You can even a web page such as www.yourcompany.com/products where you will list several credit products all tied to your affiliate ID. This page can even be hidden from your main site, just give your clients the web site URL.

Affiliate programs can generate $500-2500+ a month if utilized correctly. Not bad for referring people for credit reports —  something you will have to get from clients regardless.

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