How to Get Leads

For a credit repair company to simply phase out over time due to scarcity of customers is a rarity as long as the company has three criteria covered.

  Educated sales and client support staff

     Credit Repair Business Software

  Effective Results

SEO, blogs, verbal referral, social network marketing, and print and online media are all excellent vehicles to promote your company.  Rather than using these resources to present your product or service directly to the consumer, we recommend you market and advertise to create strategic partnerships to help grow your business and obtain leads that will have a higher closing ratio.

Here are some tips in regards to obtaining pro-active referral partners:

Show them the MONEY and how to track it!!!

Let them know exactly what they will be making on each converted lead, and how to track their clients and commission in their BackOffice.  If applicable, have them submit a lead directly to you while on the phone through their lead capture page and how they can track your sales notes in the BackOffice.

Co-branded landing pages. Some partners will want you to create a co-branded landing page with the partner’s logo and a brief explanation of the partnership.  The co-branded page helps the partner’s customers feel more comfortable with the transition.

Sites with high traffic. Find partners who are leaders in the industry.  Often you can determine which sites do well by looking at their rankings on Google.

Common sense. Use common sense to identify complimentary industries.  For example, if you are a window cleaning company you will want to ask yourself what other businesses are in contact with your customer (carpet cleaners, painters, disaster cleanup, and other home improvement companies).

Create a list. Once you identify industries of interest, make a list identifying your top targets in each industry. Go through the list and find the best contact information – you can through the potential partner’s website, domain registration, and social networks such as LinkedIn and Facebook.

Persistence. Keep contacting potential partners until you speak with the decision-maker.  Do not leave voice mail or email with an open-ended invitation, for the partner to contact you if they are interested.  Instead, say you would like to explore a partnership and set up a time for a discussion.

Negotiating. Listen to your potential partner and ask questions about their business, and what they seek to gain from a partnership.  Be creative in assessing if you can provide solutions to their problems.

Show them the MONEY!!!  Know how much commission you can pay a partner for a referred sale.  The more bounty you can pay, the easier it will be to find and keep partners.

Baby Steps. Some partners may be willing to start small.  Get your foot in the door and your chance of a deeper integration will increase.

A good partnership could very well be the difference in your company making it in a crowded marketplace.   By creating a strategy for partnerships, you will be much more likely to land the type of partner who will give you a significant boost, and help you in the never-ending quest to acquire more customers.

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