How the Advanced Credit Course Can Make Your Business

Anything you need to run your credit repair business more efficiently, and to train your staff or team without headaches is all in the Advanced Credit Course.  This course can take your business from being a hectic, stressful JOB and transform it into a business that works FOR YOU.

Just think about having the answers to your clients’ questions at your fingertips, the compliance issues in easy to use checklists, about sending out a letter that you created in seconds or minutes rather than hours (and after days of research), and getting the results you want for your clients, so that they want to give you money and recommend your services.

And imagine experiencing the certainty and consistency most business owners will never DREAM of. Because you have the checklists, templates, letters, resources, and answers…when and where you need them, all available only in the Advanced Credit Course.


Being able to answer even the most obscure questions, with more confidence and without delays, as well as sending out a letter that gets the right people to take action – and then just sitting back and watching the money roll into your business bank account from satisfied clients.

Listen: The Pareto Principle says that only 20% of your efforts produce 80% of your results… and that has never been truer than in the Credit Repair World.

Many credit repair “pros” never really develop systems, FAQs, training tools for employees or team members, template letter, or checklists and they’re just hoping they’ll accidentally stumble upon the “perfect” tools or message…..

….but unless they know the secrets of the ADVANCED CREDIT COURSE, they will miss the mark every single time.  Or, even if they hit the mark from time to time, it’s hit or miss, very time consuming and therefore less profitable.

I don’t want you to make that same mistake!  


So, we decided to take  our company’s incredible credit repair experience, hire some writers and a team to put our own experience and that of hundreds of others, together in an easy to use program that is filled with power packed answers and more.

And now here it is for YOU: Advanced Credit Course!

ADVANCED CREDIT COURSE is content-packed program that will set you up for success, and with the tools AND INFORMATION THAT YOU NEED to create, run and operate a great CREDIT REPAIR BUSINESS.

And because this is a “down and dirty” course, you can go through it again and again… whenever you need a refresher OR WHENEVER YOU NEED AN ANSWER, A TEMPLATE, OR SOME TRAINING.

This is truly going to improve the way you work. Why? Because you’ll be focusing on what really matters…NOT just some fuzzy and untested idea that you think might work.

With the ADVANCED CREDIT COURSE, you’ll be able to shortcut your time by getting the answers to your questions when you need them, and by taking these examples and running with them, allowing you to focus on other parts of your business, make more money, and have more time off (now wouldn’t that be nice?)

And you’ll be so much less frustrated because you won’t suffer through trial and error that “everyone else” has to endure.

Here’s just SOME of the advanced credit business information you’ll discover in this kick-butt course!

Strategy #1: Why writing the actual letters you need and use must be systematized AND customized—this will immediately leapfrog your business over your competition, and make it easier to get results that you never thought possible!

Strategy #2: The #1 secret to finding the answers to your clients and your own questions instantly. Your knowledge and professionalism will send your customers into a frenzy of satisfaction!

Strategy #3: Don’t reinvent the wheel!  Start using proven content and answers to make your business better, more efficient, and to make it work FOR you!

What if you could have at your disposal…

Not ten, fifteen or twenty, but SIXTY Separate Credit Repair Tactics And Letters in a Comprehensive “Credit Dispute Library” – With these at your fingertips, you’ll never ever run out of hard-hitting tactics for every dispute.

142 Sample Dispute Letters – Get precise wording that completely eliminates any misunderstanding of your case facts or the nature of your request.

Complete Contact Information on Every Major CRA Office and Check Reporting Agency – Don’t waste valuable time searching for hard-to-find contact information, it’s all here.

A Complete 123-Page Guide For Operating, Organizing And Marketing “Your Credit Repair Business” – Includes expert insider information on how to triple your marketing reach for pennies with the latest website and internet advertising tools.

Complete details about consumers’ legal rights, and what to do when a creditor or collector violates the law – You MUST know when the law is on your side, so you’ll get the exact wording of all applicable laws.

537 Study Questions Plus Answers in a Separate Volume –Use this comprehensive assessment tool for evaluating new employees to see how much they really know.

Even more important: What you may and MAY NOT DO under the law. – You can avoid the unscrupulous behavior that gives Credit Repair a bad name and could ruin your business, because all of this, and much more, is contained in the most comprehensive course ever compiled for professionals in the credit industry.

This course is designed to help you become a better business owner – to be complaint with the rules, and to get better results for your clients – faster than you can now.

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