Get Clients Approved for New Credit

Did you know that there is something only your clients can do that can have a huge impact on their credit scores?

For any consumer to have good personal credit they must first have positive accounts on their credit report.  Even if you remove all of your client’s negative items, they still won’t have a good score without these positive trade lines.

This is why it’s vital that you help your clients obtain new positive credit at the same time you are disputing their negative items.

You will actually find that this will really help your end results. When your clients add new credit, along with you removing negative accounts, their credit scores should really increase.  This is especially true if your clients are adding new positive revolving credit with good credit limits.

Remember that 30% of the total credit score is based on available credit.  And 35% of the score is based on how the consumer pays their bills.

So when you help clients add positive credit accounts with good limits, you raise their available credit and help improve their overall percentage of paid-as-agreed accounts which in turn increases their credit score.This is perfect for you because when clients add positive new credit with good limits, their scores can be raised even without negative items being deleted. So even if you are struggling to remove negative items from the client’s reports, your clients can still see increases to their scores based on the positive available credit that was added.

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