Excited to Meet You

Excited to Meet You!

I’m excited to know that you are interested in building a business around credit repair and improvement.

If you are like many of our DisputeSuite Software Users, you’ll find that the credit repair industry can sometimes be fraught with ambiguity and difficulties in knowing exactly how to help a particular customer.  

Many of your clients struggle with establishing and maintaining good credit. The good news … there are effective and strategic ways to assist your clients on this journey, and we can help.

My goal is to insure you know EVERYTHING there is to know about personal credit improvement for your clients.  Through emails, videos, social media, even webinars. I will teach you all that you would ever want to know about how to repair personal credit reports and profiles legally, ethically, quickly, and effectively.  

Together we will discuss what credit improvement really is, how it works, how personal credit scores work, more about the laws that govern credit reporting and the credit bureaus themselves. Our goal is to show you the exact steps needed to repair credit for your customers in an ethical, compliant, and highly efficient way. Always keeping in mind, that the productivity of your business is of critical importance.

Sit back and enjoy the ride!  And keep an eye out for my next email that will come to you in 4 days where we will dive into what must be sent to the bureaus for them to process a credit dispute on behalf of your customer.

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