Do You Have a Business Plan?

The Dispute Suite Business Plan Kit gives you every resource you will want and need to be able to put together a powerful business plan for your business.

Business plans can be extremely overwhelming as they are expected to include SO MUCH information.   It takes an average company months to put together even a basic plan. But basic, dry, boring business plans won’t do the trick to help you get the capital and other resources you will want and need to grow your business.

Instead you need a powerful business plan, one that stands out and DEMANDS the reader’s attention as it is packed full of valuable insight and all of the analytics that anyone who will review your business plan will demand to see.

In the Dispute Suite business plan kit you get a 30 page business plan outline with every detail that should be in a powerful business plan.  Your template has a professional cover sheet, executive summary, a section on your company history listing your corporation, license, and office location details.

Your template also has a future outlook and challenges section and a section for market analysis with the graphs and grids that make this information stand out and easy to read and understand. Plus there is an entire section devoted to your organization, management team, and personnel which is a must have in any professional business plan.

The marketing and sales sections gives you all you need to account for your sales, sales commissions, and projected sales and commissions for 5 years.  You have an entire area just to detail your products and services and include a detailed competitive analysis of others in the same industry.

In the business plan kit you also have access to all of the financial tools you will need to execute a professional business plan. You can access tools to calculate your startup costs, configure reasonable growth financial projections,  put together yearly income statements and balance sheets,  configure a detailed cash flow analysis, loan amortization analysis tools, tools to track your leads and sales and sales commissions, and more.

Imagine trying to come up with all of this data and the template of your business plan yourself, how much time would that take?  Imagine how much time you would waste trying to do industry research and to word your plan just right where the reader really understands what the credit industry is all about and what type of growth potential it provides. With the Business Plan Kit all of this is done for you saving you tremendous amounts of time.

The Business Plan Kit has every resource and template you will need to put together a powerful, eye opening business plan for your business. And the best part is that you have access to non-credit plans and plans designed exclusively just for the credit industry.  This means you can access done-for-you business plans that are based on your credit industry where all of the research, analytics, and data is already included for you.  This saves you MONTHS of research and development time.

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