Dispute Letter Construction

For the best understanding of creating dispute letters on behalf of your customers, let’s review the construction of a credit repair letter:

Top of the letter

In the upper left side of the page, you should always include your client’s full name and current address. Because the credit bureaus use social security numbers as identifiers, you must include this as well.  A few spaces below write the recipients information (who the dispute is going to). In order to maintain an appearance of coming from the client, I often recommend creating custom headers, similar to stationary. The custom stationary header will include the clients name and address in a different size and style font than the rest of the letter.

Body of the letter

The body of your letter, on behalf of your customer, will vary depending on the type of credit repair tactic. Always keep the tone professional and courteous. If you are disputing multiple items then list each one separately with dispute reason and instructions next to it. The instructions will be the call to action such as “please adjust account to never late”, or “Please correct or delete this inaccurate information immediately.”

Two lines below the body text of your letter, you should end with a close such as “Sincerely”, “Thank you”, “Cheers”, “Your Prompt Response is appreciated” etc… Your professionalism and courtesy will be appreciated by the credit bureau employees, as they deal with dispute letters regularly. Don’t hesitate to be informal, you may consider; “Thanks a bunch” or “Have a great Day!” as the close. Adding a “Smiley” face couldn’t hurt if the tone of your letter fits…

Let’s look at this entire sample letter:

John/Jane Doe                                  

123 Main St.

Anytown, XX 98765                         

(555) 555-5555



P.O. Box 740241                               

Atlanta, GA 30374                                           

January 1, 2007

To Whom It May Concern:

Upon reviewing my current credit report from your bureau, I came across the below items,

Please conduct an immediate investigation or I will not be able to get approved for my new car loan.

My sears account #12323232 is report as 30 days late. However, this does not match my records. Please adjust the listing to never late.

There is a collection account #1212332 that is reported. However, I do not know who this company is. Please remove it from my credit reports.

Thank you for your assistance in this matter.

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