Advanced Credit Course

MODULE 3: When young men go to West Point to become Army officers, they study the great battles fought throughout history by generals ranging from Napoleon to Norman Schwarzkopf. They study to learn TACTICS THAT LEAD TO VICTORY.

Here are a just a few important questions that are answered in Module 1 of the 6-Volume course.

This course will...

  • Factual Disputes: What are they?  Why are they so powerful?  Why do so few use them and how many ways can they be constructed?  Important facts on page 37
  • What are the “7 Points” to prioritizing your clients derogatory items and why is it so important?  Page 75
  • It’s one of the “deadliest” mistakes you can ever make in credit repair but it costs you ZERO money and effort to avoid it (explained in one paragraph on page 14)
  • What are the “three keys” of credit repair you should share with every new client.  page 35
  • “Metro 2 File Format”, “Matching Algorithms” and “Partial Data Matches”.  A true Credit Professional  knows all these terms…  but you’ll master them in one evening after turning to page 19
  • What is an E-Oscar code? How many are there and how do they affect your disputing approach?  Important information is on page 27.
  • Why sending a dispute letter labeled “not mine” is not only stupid (but dangerous) for the following four reasons found on page 34
  • Why is it possible to obtain a 700+ credit score only two years after bankruptcy?  The secret is revealed on page 49
  • What is the “eight point hierarchy of impact” with regards to negative items and how can it help you?  Page 50.
  • What are the three criteria every dispute must be based upon?  They’re on Page 57

These are just a fraction of what you’ll find in this fact-rich First Volume of the Advanced Credit Course. Every page is $$ in your pocket when you read and remember all the ways to break down the walls of resistance and wow your customers with your disputing skills.

Module One -- Credit Repair Basics $199 Value

Module One -- Credit Repair Basics $199 Value

There’s only one place to find the answers to questions like these plus many more invaluable facts, tips and essential information about Credit Repair Basics. This is information you MUST KNOW if you’re going to do the best job possible for your clients. It’s all contained in The Advanced Credit Course.