Advanced Credit Course

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Module 2 is Your Complete Guide To Credit Bureaus, Collectors And Creditors—118 Pages of MUST-HAVE Insider Information You’ll Be Reading and Referring to Again And Again.

The adage "Know your enemy" applies here. The more you know about their tactics, their systems, their practices and their ways of stacking the deck against your client, the more you will be prepared to deal with them successfully. It's a game of moves and counter moves.

If You’re Not 100% Up To Speed On Any Of These Vital Subject Areas THIS Is Where The Pros Go For Answers To Questions Like These…

If You’re Not 100% Up To Speed On Any Of These Vital Subject Areas THIS Is Where The Pros Go For Answers To Questions Like These...

  • Not ten, fifteen or twenty, but SIXTY Separate Credit Repair Tactics And Letters in a Comprehensive “Credit Dispute Library” – With these at your fingertips, you’ll never ever run out of hard-hitting tactics for every dispute.
  • 142 Sample Dispute Letters – Get precise wording that completely eliminates any misunderstanding of your case facts or the nature of your request.
  • Complete Contact Information on Every Major CRA Office and Check Reporting Agency – Don’t waste valuable time searching for hard-to-find contact information, it’s all here.
  • A Complete 123-Page Guide For Operating, Organizing And Marketing “Your Credit Repair Business” – Includes expert insider information on how to triple your marketing reach for pennies with the latest website and internet advertising tools.
  • Complete details about consumers’ legal rights and what to do when a creditor or collector violates the law – You MUST know when the law is on your side so you’ll get the exact wording of all applicable laws.
  • Even more important: What you may and MAY NOT DO under the law. – You can avoid the unscrupulous behavior that gives Credit Repair a bad name and could ruin your business.
  • If a dispute is deemed frivolous what are first three things you should do to keep the dispute moving forward?  Page 14
  • If your disputes are being ignored by the credit bureaus what are the first three actions you should think about taking?  Find them on Page 26.
  • Why should you get excited every time you catch the credit bureaus violating your client’s rights within the dispute process?  Page 32
  • What are the four main tools available to collectors and why is doing a “cease and desist” complete suicide if done the wrong way?  Page 41
  • What is the “8-Point Checklist” for building a context for a collection account and why is it so important this step is not skipped over?  Page 44
  • Under the FDCPA collectors are required by law to provide a consumer with written notice containing specific information regarding the consumer’s right WITHIN 5 DAYS of the “initial communication” in connection with any debt.  How do you capitalize on this fact?  See page 51
  • There are over 26 ways to catch collection agencies violating the FDCPA in order to help your client get massive leverage; how many of them do you know?  Page 58
  • What is the “K.O. Method” for deleting collections?  When should you use it and why does it work so darn well when used properly?  Page 86
  • What are the two most important things to know about “direct disputing” and how it applies to other tactics you can use to help your client?  Page 106

Module Two - Credit Reporting Agencies, Collectors and Creditors $199 Value