Advanced Credit Course

Your Best Protection Against Bad Advice

Compiled by the nation’s foremost experts in the credit repair field, every page is written from the viewpoint of professionals who have been in the trenches and done battle for years – true professionals whose ethics and standards are above reproach. There are no shortcuts and The Advanced Credit Course pulls no punches in telling you that SOME courses and SOME instructors give you BAD ADVICE!

“They” may tell you,

  • Keep sending the same dispute letter again and again.
  • Dispute every erroneous item on a credit report.
  • Do not use a tactic because if it didn’t work for someone else.
  • Sending a dispute by email is the same as sending a letter.
  • When you do send a letter, use plain white paper with your company name and address printed at the top.

ALL OF THIS IS BAD ADVICE! Do Not Take Bad Advice and endanger your Credit Repair career.

You’ll learn the Right Things to Do in the Advanced Credit Course.
Do you know it all, or enough to be dangerous? Let’s find out by looking at each volume in the course.