Advanced Credit Course

Did You Sail Through This... Or Was It A “Wake-Up Call”?

What areas do you Still need to master to be at the top of your game?

What if you could have at your disposal...

  • Not ten, fifteen or twenty, but SIXTY Separate Credit Repair Tactics And Letters in a Comprehensive “Credit Dispute Library” – With these at your fingertips, you’ll never ever run out of hard-hitting tactics for every dispute.
  • 142 Sample Dispute Letters – Get precise wording that completely eliminates any misunderstanding of your case facts or the nature of your request.
  • Complete Contact Information on Every Major CRA Office and Check Reporting Agency – Don’t waste valuable time searching for hard-to-find contact information, it’s all here.
  • A Complete 123-Page Guide For Operating, Organizing And Marketing “Your Credit Repair Business” – Includes expert insider information on how to triple your marketing reach for pennies with the latest website and internet advertising tools.
  • Complete details about consumers’ legal rights and what to do when a creditor or collector violates the law – You MUST know when the law is on your side so you’ll get the exact wording of all applicable laws.
  • 537 Study Questions Plus Answers in a Separate Volume –Use this comprehensive assessment tool for evaluating new employees to see how much they really know.
  • Even more important: What you may and MAY NOT DO under the law. – You can avoid the unscrupulous behavior that gives Credit Repair a bad name and could ruin your business.

You can, starting right now.

Because All of This And Much More is Contained in
The Most Comprehensive Course Ever Compiled for Professionals in The Credit Repair Industry

Advanced credit repair


Because the more you know, the better you are and the better you are the more you will make in your business

So How Much Are These Strategies, This Massive 6 Volume Course,
These Bonuses and The Templates Worth To You?

See, at this price, it only takes one bullet point, one sentence, one letter, or one selling point to turn a tough case into a success and to make that client a life long satisfied customer and referral source.

PLEASE NOTE: The course described below is NOT a beginner’s how-to course. As the name implies it is a course of advanced study for professionals who are in the credit repair business. The tactics and information contained in this course will be extremely useful to those who already have some experience working with CRAs and disputing erroneous credit report information.