Advanced Credit Course

Nobody needs to tell you that being in the Credit Repair Business is both challenging and rewarding. You can get started by studying the basics and you might get some success with clients.

But are you limited or even endangered by what you don’t know? Take a few minutes and check your in-depth knowledge of Credit Repair Tactics, Techniques, Pitfalls and Marketing tools.

Do you know...

  1. If removing a negative item can actually lower your client’s credit score?
  2. All the different ways a Credit Reporting Agency can stall your disputes and how you should respond to each?
  3. What is the “Update Audit Technique” and how does it work?
  4. What is the “5-Point Checklist” you must adhere to in order to avoid having your disputes rejected?
  5. Why are “Indirect Dispute Techniques” so powerful? And why are they so controversial?
  6. There are over 8 different strategies you can use when your client’s dispute comes back as “verified”? How many of them do you know?
  7. What is the “K.O. Method” for deleting collections? When should you use it and why does it work so darn well when used properly?
  8. What are the three ways subprime merchandise cards can help your client?
  9. What are the two mistakes you never want to make when advertising your credit repair services?
  10. What are the three most critical factors you should consider when considering a “referral partner”?